Weekly Summery

To be honest this has been one of the most difficult classes I have ever taken. I guess the hard part is the feeling that my creativity has suffered great over the years since I graduated High School.This week we put together all our recordings, to complete our Radio show. we made 5 min segments for each of us, trivia questions, radio bumpers, and commercials.Its pretty cool how it all came together with all the different types of software and recording devices used to creat our show and bring it all together. It was fun and I can’t wait for our next project.

Radio Show

We finally finished our Radio show, what an experience. I got to meet some of my classmates, and create something. The hardest part was bringing everyone together despite the fact that everyone has different schedules. My skit had to do with “Video Games Before The Internet”. It was a pretty easy subject to talk about, the hardest part was getting a quality recording. I used Audacity. Other members of my group like Abby really delivered. Its kind of neet how it all came together,commercials and all. It’s definetly made me think of what actually goes into these kind of shows. Well that’s it for this week, tune in for next weeks progress.

ds106 radio show

This week progress on our radio show has been slow, but we are on the right track with a planned meet up Sunday at 10am. The hardest part so far has been getting everyone on the same page, the easiest part was getting the group together. So far we have named the group, and have picked the theme. I look forward to meeting with everyone this weekend, I really believe that we have an awesome group of people.

Looking forward to this next week it is my belief that sunday will be important in regards to bringing it all together. I believe that will be our greatest challenge. We will need some clear cut leadership to pull this off. Once that is established we will have a great show. So stay tuned everyone #ds106 Radio Talkshow !!!

Mixing it up

Here is a lil remix for you,  so the assignment calls for mixing and mashing music together. It really wasn’t that hard, except trying to find the right sight or software to create it. That part took me an hr until i found what i was looking for. leave a comment and let me know what you think.

#AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments2017

Weekly Summery

This week was the first week That I was able to get mostly everything done. It’s been a busy week, I am starting to find this class fun and challenging at the same time. I was also able to gain some insight and understanding that I have never thought about before. After reading http://www.vignelli.com/canon.pdf, I have gained some new insight into the idea of discipline in regards to art that really had me thinking. One of the things that I like so far is this class is forcing me to be creative in my thinking, and approach to the assignments. Looking forward to this next week, who is with me?


Wanted Dead or Alive!

This was probably one of the more challenging assignments of the day. I still don’t believe I did it right or probably to the best of my ability. I was short on time and at work, so I slapped it together and I have a wanted sign. It probably could have helped having some software to aid me on this assignment. I used my phone, and the editing tools in my gallery to create this assignment. It still made me have to think in regards to how do I put a picture over a picture.

Favorite Movie

I had fun with this assignment as well today, and I am finding it a little easier each time to do these assignments. Plus who doesn’t like the old school Arnold movies right? I found the perfect GIF to use for this assignment, and it even has a little bit of humor to it.

Creating my Brand

I had fun today creating my brand, and found some very useful websites in doing so. I picked this assignment because I thought it would be awesome to create one. It wasn’t that difficult, and had several options to choose from. It has been a learning experience every time I get on here.


About My Assignments today

After working on my Designblitz today and having tie to reflect on this weeks assignment. I have come to the conclusion that art can come in many different forms. I never really thought about what goes into designing a product until i read about color, dominance, balance, and proportion. I found it pretty cool, and it helped open my mind to new possibilities.

Just to use color as an example, in my experience up until now, I knew that color was important in a design, but never really thought much into the different meanings that color communication in regards to our subconscious. This was a unique experience and is sure to make me more thoughtful in regards to art, and the power of suggestion in relation to products and decisions to buy products.